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JiaXing Bohua Zipper Co., Ltd. to promote "people-oriented, establishing a letter to" respect the internal staff and external customer satisfaction for the purpose. Culture's mission is to communicate thoughts and feelings of staff, the integration of ideals and beliefs of employees, training of staff team spirit, to stimulate staff innovation awareness. This is the essence of the corporate culture. In the specific atmosphere of corporate culture, employees through personal experience, have a job on the sense of pride and sense of responsibility of the enterprise's sense of identity and a sense of belonging, so that the staff of his own ideas, feelings, behavior and enterprise-wide link So that enterprises have a powerful centripetal force and cohesion to play a significant overall effect.
Business philosophy: truth, to be creative and to seize the future.
Enterprise goals: to respond quickly to win customers for quick response to market;
Business philosophy: faith-based and service-oriented, first-class quality.
Service: intimate, service brand;
Talent concept: business with the cause, treatment, feelings motivate staff to give their business intelligence; staff in achieving self-worth, corporate human resources for the realization of value-added, to achieve a win-win situation.

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